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Nut On (Girl's name who starts with an M)'s Face
Seabass totally N.O.M.F.ed on Megan in the shower.
by BSC2K9 February 01, 2009
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Nikes on my Feet
SnkrHead#1: I'm all about NOMF
SnkrHead#2: Definitely NOMF is my lifestyle
by Banks Banco December 05, 2010
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The possible sound that you make when you stuff your mouth with a part of pillow or anything soft. It doesn't have to include biting the soft.
Dood1: (sitting on a couch) Hey man,have somethin' to eat?
Dood2: Nah.
Dood1: Ok! (stuffs his mouth with a pillow) *nomf*

Dood3: dafuq ?
by Guest1314 April 09, 2017
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