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a sick ski camp at Mt. Hood where you can learn how to ski race, go hot tubing, meet cool people like 5' 2". they drive wicked beat up vans which almost get you killed but the resort you stay at is sick. you ski from 8-2 and stop at government camp on the way back to rent skis and chill. in the afternoon you go biking or rock climbing or wind surfing or be a bum and play feild sports. many prep school send their teams there for bonding and incest, some ski teams from clubs go and some loner individuals go. its a sick experience and in the half way point you go white water rafting and have a rest day. you practice both GS and SL.
i go to NASC
oh thats sick are you sick at skiing?
by mthoodwassick May 27, 2009
An abbrieviation for the National Association of Student Councils, started in 1931 by Warren E. Shoals, originally from Indiana, at the time residing in Oklahoma. This association works to better student leaders across the nation and world.
The N.A.S.C. is sponsered by the N.A.S.S.P.
by smh1364 June 29, 2006
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