A glorified taco or a variation of PWNED
Dude, I ate an N-Gage!
Dude, I WAS N-Gage'D!
by TinTower March 05, 2004
word for taco.
I ordered an Ngage at Del-taco for 87 Cents!
by Supa January 11, 2004
A games console that had impressive games, a good system but was a disgrace to Nokia design team.
I love my ngage but why did they have to make it so damm ugly.
by Dr.Slicer December 04, 2004
by far the most versitile phone ever made..
possibly the best phone ever too.

but still a total flop cause nokia cant advertise worth shit.
i was on the bus watching movies and listening to mp3s on my ngage inbetween games of worms when i remembered that this class piece of hardware is a phone aswell.
by Mawktheone April 05, 2006
A cell-phone/games console hybrid, shunned by fanboys. Plays PS1/N64 standard games and features online gaming. Sells for $99-$199 depending on whether you buy it with a plan or not.
Unbiased person: N-Gage is pretty cool!
Fanboy: N0 w4yZ! GBA FOREV0RZ!!!11!!1
by Mr. Thing April 14, 2004
Pretty neat phone that includes:

Tri-band Phone (Side Talkin')
176 x 208 pixel screen (4096 colors)
Symbian OS 60
Intel processor
SMS Text messaging
E-mail (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, MIME2)
RealOne Player
Image Viewer
Java Enabled XHTML Web Browser
Music Player (MP3, AAC)
FM Radio
3rd Party Software
Emulators (NES, SNES, etc.)
Modem for PC internet access
And of course the PS/N64 quality games
The N-Gage is a pretty good cell phone hated by fanboys.
by Striker.Pwn.J00 January 04, 2005
I can't believe people are still ranting on about the N-Gage = Taco thing. Yeah, that was funny, for about five minutes.
The N-Gage is actually quite a capable, but flawed console. It's really not as hated as most people would like to think, i've seen many people at school who were never interested in the GBA own a N-Gage.
by DCI October 02, 2004

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