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The One who makes everything you believe in, but haven't experienced enough of, come true like a rushing waterfall. An N Unit represents all that is good about mankind - inspires, makes your heart beat faster, changes the way you view life. There's such a thing as physics, and then there's applied physics. You don't need to understand how the esophagus works to feel hunger and eat. An N Unit bridges these two worlds. N Unit is the recipe book AND the meal, all in one. Comfort, security, challenge and adventure - the words won't do justice. With a coy facade, the N Unit never buffers and is always there when you need. All in all, N Unit makes me happy. N Unit - is perfect to me.
Wait, you've never experienced N Unit before? What are you insane? Make life worth it - find your N Unit.
by thejslverse August 15, 2013
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1) A shortened version of Nerd Unit, what white kids from hick towns in New Hampshire and Nebraska that listen to hardcore gangsta rap call themselves when they believe they have no friends and are computer nerds
Me and ma loner homies are gunna go bust some caps on dem foo's downtown in the hoods of the cornfield yo, n-unit p's dawg!
by jr0d May 16, 2004
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a word to substitute for any swear word so a parent or teacher doesnt know what the nunits your on about
oh nunits!!
by mattthewww March 07, 2009
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