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The Myung Tackle refers to any onstage American-football style tackling of a band's front man or lead singer by a bass player who still has his instrument attached to his body. Made famous when John Myung tackled James LaBrie.
Perhaps the deadliest of John Myung's techniques is not the two-handed tap, but the Myung Tackle.
by CanadianBassJew October 22, 2006
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in a strict sense, when a bassist tackles a singer onstage with their bass still on.

in a general sense, when a (usually introverted) person does something out of character, whether appropriate or not. usually a prank that involves physical contact of some sort in which the inductee gets mad.

derived from a Dream Theater show, where the normally quiet bassist John Myung tackled vocalist James LaBrie, to the amazement and amusement of the crowd. it was later revealed that someone bet him a couple hundred bucks that he wouldnt do it.
dude1:Did you see that concert where John takcled James?
dude2:hells yes. that was hilarious.

That was so hilarious when Mike pissed in Jordan's beer. That was definitely a Myung tackle, because Mike refuses to talk to Jordan to this day.
by the schneiderbird July 10, 2008
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