Obviously, it's a female moth. What else do you need to know.
Oh dear! was that a myth that just flew into that candle flame and got sunburnt.
by DesKnowAll May 19, 2006
a cool way to prove something is incorrect
Chad: Jessie, you look so pretty today.
Jessie: Myth.
by ilovechad January 27, 2009
The biggest douchebag to ever walk the earth.
Holy shit myth is a giant douchebag.
by Bankotsu March 19, 2005
A mate that mysteriously disappears as soon as he gets a girlfriend.
I sure miss the old Niall, he has become such a myth now.
by Dostree June 10, 2016
A story, although made of fiction, it is widely believed and acompanies most Religions.
The story of Jesus, Mithra, Dionysus, Attis, etc, are mere adaptations of the Egyptian myth Horus.
by Sempre_Anonimo October 25, 2015
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