A man with great confidence in himself. Most Mysta Champ types are extremely good looking but there is only one true Mysta Champ on earth at any given time. There are many imitators but very few have the charm and charisma to match the one true Mysta Champ. Mysta Champ carrys himself in such a way that women melt at the very sight of him. If you ever find a Mysta Champ hold on to him and never let him go. Why?...because he's the champ!
Wow girlfriend did you see that fine dude walk by? He's magnificent!

Yeah that's Mysta Champ! Stay away from him cus he's mine bitch!
by straightlogic August 05, 2011
Top Definition
The best dude on the planet. He's what's up!
Yo who is that dude ? He looks as if he's a champ at everything!

Well yes that's because he is a champ...He's Mysta Champ!
by knowingwhatsup September 21, 2011
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