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A behavioral offset(though not necessarily a detrimental one) in which a person will treat a random person they meet with(and probably helped with once or twice in their lives) as if they were best friends. Typical Myspace Syndrome can be identified in superfluously affectionate behavior(ie: often demanded big hugs when they meet, etc)

How the two meet is by no means limited to just adding each other as friends on Myspace/Facebook/etc.
Guy A: Hey! :D
Girl: OMG, it's (insert name here). Hi :D

*big hug*

Guy B: Man, look at him. He's only met this girl one day last month ago when she asked for homework help, and now they act like there's an unbreakable bond between them, like every other girl this guy met. He's got a serious case of Myspace Syndrome.
by AtmaRoM December 14, 2009
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