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The act of wandering around aimlessly with a camera taking pictures for the sole purpose of placing them on Myspace. Not necessarily only taken on Friday. Friday may be substituted out for any other day of the week, except for Sunday. Sunday must be used for posting the pictures taken previously so that they will be there for all to see on Monday. Not to be mistaken for Facebook Friday, which tries to entice the weak with a catchy sounding rhyme scheme. Those who are in the know, can see through Facebook Friday's imposter like ways and stick with Myspace Friday knowing it provides a warm fuzzy feeling Facebook Friday users could never feel.
Stevie: Yo Jimmy, how about we shred bittersweet this thursday?
Jimmy: Naw man, I have to save myself for Myspace Friday Stevie, you know that.
by J a r r e t t February 18, 2007
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