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Someone who uses Myspace or Facebook to make themselves look alot more successful then they really are. Many Myspace ballers are wannabe rappers, producers or DJ's. These people have thousands of friends on their Myspace page. Many of these digital friends are celebrities like Jay-Z and Kanye West. Their Myspace pages always feature elaborately designed album and or mixtape covers and professional G'd up photography. Their pages often feature photos with large amounts of cash and such.

However, these Myspace ballers are broke as fuck in real life. When you see these Myspace ballers in person, you are surprised that they don't even have a car and live in a stinky little apartment with their mother at age 28. Myspace ballers main income comes from working at fast food restaurants and selling poor quality bud on the side.
Yo, you known DJ Quan right? I seen him DJ'ing on TV like a year and half ago. Yeah but when I seen him a week ago, he was working 60 hours a week at Safeway and shit. He tried to sell me some seedy dirt ass bud too. I was like nah, I'm not smoking that shit. That nigga don't even got a car. But when I see his Myspace page he looks like a bonafide baller. He's such a Myspace baller. I don't fault him though because times are hard. America is facing the Great Depression part 2.
by RealEyesRealizeRealLiez April 28, 2009
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