the new miami, a city waiting 2 be fucked,
dawg, myrtle beach just like miami, its a city just waiting 2 be fucked,lol,
by $?$?$ March 21, 2010
The Shit-hole of South Carolina. Full of assholes and prostitutes. It smells of shit and Vodkatinis. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go anywhere near this city. It will rub off on you and all your friends will disown you. You will also marry a woman named steve and get the "Hard Fucking" every night.
Kirk: How was Myrtle Beach?

Shaun: It was a shit-hole and smelled like Vodkatinis for some reason. And all of my friends stopped talking to me... Wasn't the best time ever.

Kirk: Sounds like it...


Steve: Shaun Sweety, come back to bed... I'm horny and want your sweet butthole.

Shaun: No. Not in the butt. No! Not in the butt! OH! YES! YES IN THE BUTT! YES IN THE BUTT! OH God! OH JEEZ! OH! OH! I'm Gonna Orgasm! Oh God! OH Jeez! OH GOD! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
by Threat Level Midight May 22, 2010

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