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a shithole town where if you're not related to at least 80% of the people, then you've slept with 80% of the people.

notorious for it's bums, drugs, and our latest addition, Subway.
"man, what a dilemma. i want to get laid today, AND see my family. good thing i have to go to MYRTLE CREEK. two birds one stone.
by buttttttttttt October 11, 2008
One of the smallest hicktowns in oregon, where you cant take a crap with out anyone knowing,know for its wooden nickle days, and where every one knows every one but your only cool if you are a Jarvis.
Person 1: hey you ever been to myrtle creek?
tourist from alaska: yeah i met the jarvis's to they are so cool
by Beafcake October 13, 2008