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A known word and expansion of the word into a phrase or a sentence in such a way that the meaning of the word is explained or described, perhaps in a funny way. The word can be thought of an an acronym of the expansion, though in fact it is not. Hence Mynorca is the reverse of Acronym. Mynorca refers to the word and its expansion taken together.
Example 1)FAMILY -- Father and Mother Intensely Love You.
Here Family is the word that is expanded to the sentence that follows. The meaning of the word Family is given. Thus "Falmily" may be thought of as an acronym of "Father and Mother Intensely Love You". The first line in this example (both the word and its expansion) taken togeher is a Mynorca. Example 2)BRA -- Boobs Raising Aid (or Breast Reshaping Aid). Usage: I could not resist smiling when my friend came with a mynorca for BRA, which was:- "Boobs Raising Aid"
by Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy May 05, 2006
a reverse acronym (acronym spelled backward)
See You Next Tuesday is a mynorca for cunt. Food and Drug Administration is a mynorca for FDA.
by CDCGBE January 10, 2005
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