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1. A stupid, silly way of naming a child "Michael".
2. Typically an ignorant ass that makes up stories to get what he wants - mainly sex.
3. Typically claims to have schizophrenia and ADHD, a bad childhood, and a bad household to make other people feel sorry for him, especially girls. Once the girl feels sorry for him, he will then attempt to convince her that he loves her and, when she says yes to dating him, proceeds to yell, hit, and abuse her. He keeps the girl chained to him with threats of suicide when she leaves. A typical asshole that shouldn't exist.
Mykle: "Yeah *sniffle sniffle sob sob* my mom hates me. And, like, I didn't do anything wrong and-and-and-"*stares at you with sad face*
You: "GTFO." <--- Good response
You: "Aw, poor Mykle!" <--- Bad Response
by P@ND@ August 31, 2008
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