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A teenybopper who has just discovered the Internet; an adolescent desperate for attention.
Did you see that kid's bloggity troll post on Fark? What a MySpace Cadet.
by Adman12 March 24, 2006
41 9

A subscriber to MySpace who is addicted to the point of insanity and physical need;

being especially prevalent with bloggers.
The MySpaceCadet's fingers spasmed after having been away from the website for five minutes.
by Vilate May 08, 2006
29 12
A person that keeps tabs on people only through myspace status updates, pictures, and comments; someone who spends so much time on myspace that they lose touch with the real world.
Dude, Robert was so caught up online that he didn't go to class. What a myspace cadet.
by jennaisreallyreallyamazing July 17, 2008
7 0
anyone who is so obsessed with myspace that it becomes their world.
the 14 year old on youtube that assaulted his brother at the threat of unplugging his myspace is a myspace cadet.
by bulviecuntpuncher March 21, 2009
1 0