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A teenybopper who has just discovered the Internet; an adolescent desperate for attention.
Did you see that kid's bloggity troll post on Fark? What a MySpace Cadet.
by Adman12 March 24, 2006
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A subscriber to MySpace who is addicted to the point of insanity and physical need;

being especially prevalent with bloggers.
The MySpaceCadet's fingers spasmed after having been away from the website for five minutes.
by Vilate May 08, 2006
A person that keeps tabs on people only through myspace status updates, pictures, and comments; someone who spends so much time on myspace that they lose touch with the real world.
Dude, Robert was so caught up online that he didn't go to class. What a myspace cadet.
by jennaisreallyreallyamazing July 17, 2008
anyone who is so obsessed with myspace that it becomes their world.
the 14 year old on youtube that assaulted his brother at the threat of unplugging his myspace is a myspace cadet.
by bulviecuntpuncher March 21, 2009

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