A way of appologizing when you don't reallly care about the situation. Kind of like saying whatever.
Teacher: Joe, stop texting
Joe: My bad
by a keyboard December 12, 2009
Something very annoying commonly said after one makes a mistake.
Ops, I dropped your books, my bad
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
1. Slang for I'm sorry or my mistake. A form of apology.
2. Admitting you're in the wrong.
3. Another way of saying you made an accident.
1st person: "Dude why didn't you call me last night, I waited for three hours!"

2nd person: "Mybad I passed out as soon as I got home last night."
by Leesee April 04, 2009
My Bad was originally My Bag. It means my fault. Yes, it also means “I'm not into to that kind of thing.” as in “That's not my bag man.” The movie Clueless got it wrong, thrusting it into the mainstream as "My bad". The phrase "My bag" was used commonly as far back as the 1940s. My father, his family and friends all used it back then in Minnesota. We used "my bag" in Kansas in the 70's and 80's. I am 44 and my wife is 33. She claims it was never my bag but she is wrong. The origin of this phrase actually comes from the card game "Spades". The game consists of 2 teams of 2 and each player has to predict how many hands he can take. After the round the player that predicted wrong often say to his partner my bag meaning my fault or my mistake. Young people heard their parents using "My bag" at the card table and took it to the basketball court. Spades is thought to have originated in the Midwestern United States (perhaps Cincinnati, Ohio) in the late 1930s. It was said to have been invented by college students who enjoyed both Whist and Bridge. They were looking for a fast-paced game that was competitive and strategic. The game slowly spread to other college campuses in the mid-west. The game really took off during WWII. After the war it spread to factory break-rooms and company office lunchrooms all across the country. Today there are clubs and tournaments and it's popular on the internet.
Didn't you get an invitation? Oh, my bad.
by rawmilkmike January 08, 2015
Another way to say that you are sorry for making a mistake or doing something wrong even if you are making up for it or not.
People can say "my bad" if they knock over your drink by mistake and buy you another one to replace the drink that has been knocked over.

Or they can just say "my bad" and just walk away and act like it never happened.

Same scenario goes for people saying "I'm sorry and knocking over a drink by mistake."

For the wrong doing, a person can break your windows and later say "my bad" and replace your windows.

Also they can say "my bad" and never replace your windows.

Again..same scenario for people saying "I'm sorry" for breaking your windows.
by Je'Nay August 11, 2011
n. common phrase used to explain a deep sense of grief and sympathy for another upon which you may have directly or indirectly caused minute unrest.
Mike - Oh man, my bad. Didn't mean to hit you man.
Dominic - Nah its cool.
by mcshaver January 22, 2009
sry for doin sumthin hurtful and wrong
My-bad emily for the dirty defintion
by leo beale December 30, 2004

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