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A meme started on 4chan (/b/) on 8/11/11

>be senior in school
>Sleep in class
>leg falls asleep
>wake up during passing period
>Get up from desk, walk 2 steps

>Fall on face
>Everyone coming into the room sees me fall
>Crawl out the door
>Not the dinosaur, this really happened

one reply to this said "btw my leg was asleep"

then everyone began doing this
>Waiting after football practice for my ride
>Dumbass hockey coach yells at me for talking loud
>Do jerk off motion while he has back turned
>He turns around

>brings me into football coaches office
>Tells coach
>football coach says i will be repremanded
>Has a laugh with me about it after hockeyfag leaves
>Leg falls asleep <----- My leg is asleep
by Ice Man 72 August 10, 2011
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