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A statement of obvious fiction but believed to be true by the uneducated to be used in cases of awkward silences, as a result of too much caffeine, etc.
My dad is dead.
-He is?
Yeah he died this morning.
-I'm sorry to hear that.
Haha I'm lying you are an idiot.
by JFLisa October 13, 2007
45 19
A phrase that is meant to be a joke but taken seriously by the uneducated.
My dad is dead. No seriously he is dead. He died this morning. No he is alive stupid.
by bongobat October 10, 2007
9 11
an alternative to "that sucks"
When there is an awkward silence after receiving some bad news you say "my dad is dead"
by GipperAKH October 14, 2007
9 32