A Latin American individual who doesn't speak Spanish only English with a Keanu Reeves accent.
I met a few authentic Mustard Faces in El Paso, Texas, last night at Valero!
by Young Cat Meat July 29, 2009
Top Definition
someone who is clearly pissed off, shitty and in a mood and it blatantly shows. They have a face like they have eaten a spoon full of mustard
"check out the mustard face on her, she is not happy about that!"
by half baked Jake April 02, 2010
The facial expression achieved when you're taking a gigantic size bite out of a hamburger/hotdog and you expect ketchup but itstead it's fucking loaded with mustard.
"You should have seen that kid's mustard face after I falcon punched him in the testicles. Priceless."

"That old woman had a perfect mustard face after I crop dusted that elevator."
by Red Fingaz May 04, 2009
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