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Somebody that is completely obsessed with Musicals and lives only for them. Listen to their iPod and it will be completely filled with 'Billy Elliot' , 'Wicked' or 'Les Misérables'.

Mention anything to do with Musicals and they will burst in to song and then continue to sing a medley of all of their favourite songs from their favourite West End Shows.
A typical Musical Geek would say:

Geek 1 : 'Oh my goodness, guess which Wicked song came on earlier?'

Geek 2 : 'I'm limited. Just look at me - I'm limited?'

Geek 1 : 'And just look at you, you can do all that I couldn't do, Glinda'

*Excited squeals*
by defineonline June 18, 2010
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