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Music attention deficit disorder. You can't find a good song to listen to. You might find one you like but about 30 seconds into the song you're sick of it and turn it.
Person 1 - Man I can't find anything to listen to
Person 2 - You must have music ADD
Person 1 - I need new music
by Kelly February 24, 2006
When a person cant listen to one song for a long period of time and they constantly are changing the radio station or skipping songs while listening to a c.d. or mp3 player.
Stop changing the radio station, you have such music A.D.D.!
by alisonlazarus April 16, 2007
Noun: When You or some one can not listen to a song for more than a minute with out changing it to a different song.
Jake: HEY! Quit changing the song on your iPod!
Mitch: Sorry, I can't help it. I have Music A.D.D.
by Goldenpinky May 26, 2009
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