The variably long state not unlike Hypnagogia in which someone is listening to loud music (likely though headphones) and becomes consciously unaware of his surroundings, zoning out into the music he is listening to. May be accompanied by blank stares and completely relaxed muscles.
Guy1: "Hey, what's up?"
Guy2: *Stares blankly in the distance, completely reclined, music blaring loudly even away from his headphones.*
Guy1: *Pokes Guy2* "What's wrong with you."
Guy2: *Snaps to consciousness.* "Way to ruin my Music Coma."
Guy1: "..."
by musiclover000 February 11, 2011
Top Definition
Where you are either making your own music or just listening to some and it puts you in this deep music trance as if you are part of the music and don't realize what's going on around you.
Me: "dude I've been calling David Mastered Wizardry all day. what is he doing??"
Zombie Jesus:"He might just be in a Music Coma. Just go over to his house"
Me: "ahh, that makes sense I'll head over there right now."
by TeamBrownSugar January 28, 2011
State when a person is listening to loud music and cannot hear anything around then whatsoever.
Me) hey kurtis!
Matt) dude... hes in a music coma
by bitchtits12241 February 03, 2010
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