A chav who lives in Swansea, South Wales, UK. Usually used to make fun of said chav, spoken in a chav-esque dialect for maximum comedy effect.
"Why, Cecil. Look at that chap over yonder with his ridiculous modified car and Burberry cap. E's a right fackin' mush, innee?"
by Kryst February 12, 2005
the circumcised head of a male penis. hilarious because it looks like a mushroom
Andrew: I just shaved my pubic hair and now my mush stands out!
by bilnij November 10, 2010
The act of driving feces down the drain of the shower with ones foot.
We call him mush because dave is always dropping loads in the showers and Mushing them down the drain.
by They call me Chumlee October 11, 2010
Simply Umazing. You will never meet someone more wonderfuller in your entire life! So happy and funny - will make you feel on top of the world in seconds.
I wish I could be a Mush.
by Zakiyaxxx December 25, 2009
A mush is a six foot tall lesbian who thinks they are scary. They are strong and put on a "fierce" appearance, but are really big babies and so cute!!! Once you rub this mush's head they fall asleep and make moaning noises! <3
6 foot tall lesbian who thinks shes scary and a mush<3
by wifey to the hubby December 06, 2009
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