A motorcycle, particularly a Harley.
Harley is my favorite murdercycle!
by Downstrike September 16, 2004
Top Definition
"the cool ride you take lessons to drive, wear cool clothes to move on, and almost take your life away when you make an awkard move"

"it's fast, functional, and deadly"

"it's fun, wear a helmet, and expect to have insurance and fly with a wing, not to mention a prayer, because there may be precarious movement in motion and...that's all"
"Joe, thought he was the man till he popped a wheelie on his murdercycle, ended up in the air, flipping over, and slurping up concrete...at least that's what he found out when he made it through the accident"

" I love the wind in my face, hair, and looks I get on my murdercycle as I like to call it, because deep inside I know, I can drive this upwards of 100 mpgs...but on a hairpin turn, it might all be over."
by Writah' October 15, 2008
A West Coast gang based out of of the East bay.
Oh shit, It's Murdercycle.
by Cupasoup August 08, 2008
a motorized, 2-wheeled, heavily armed and armored personal transport; complete with powerful laser guns, an impressive satellite navigation system, complete bulletproofing, and the necessacery self-destruct sequencing system.
People: uh oh a murdercycle, run away before it shoots us with its lazers!!!
by The Unsilent Majority July 28, 2003
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