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Murda Mo n. - An unknown form of Death. Can be seen as good or bad, depending on how you run with him. The word was created by the infamous Krayzie Bone.
1. I hate that guy. He will soon run with the Murda Mo if he keeps it up with that tomfoolery. (BAD FORM)
2. I am too pimp. No one understands how I run with the Murda Mo! (GOOD FORM)
by Katalyst June 13, 2003
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"Murda Mo" is a short for "Murda them all",Originated by top 3 rapper Krayzie Bone, some punk muthafuckas posted some false definitions of this one, had to correct it.
See songs like: Murda Mo, Murda Mo (Fuck Em' All,) along with alot of others.
by JustSomebodySomeone May 18, 2009
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Despite popular belief, running with the Murda Mo is VERY unadvisable in the 21st century. Not only will Leathaface NOT get away when he "gots" to, but the "po-po's" will kill all of the Leathaface's with their shotguns.
"Blastin' when attackin' po-po's, there's really no place to... wait... NOBODY runs with the Murda Mo anymore!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHaAAA!!" ~The Late Sim Brashear
by TriValve June 15, 2003
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