1) the punk bitches of Rock-Town

2)no where near as hardcore as the J-Crew
1)M-Unit just got their pussy asses beat by the J-Crew.

2) Look at that M-Unit fag crying like a little girl with a skinned knee.
by Mattizzle March 17, 2004
Top Definition
A super sized Unit, incredibly powerful and quite often aggressive. Usually found in a gym.

See also; Mutant
Ronnie Coleman is an example of a Munit
by Deemo7 June 17, 2009
Mexican Gang. Led by the Dominguez family. Currently Dead after a loss to the Ms-13, Ms-18, and the 18th street gangs.
M-Unit Killed my Parents
by Tookie Williams January 24, 2008
these nigguhs be livin da thug lyfe on the streets of rockaway new jerz
dem m-unit nigz just put a cap in some pigs ass
by M.y.k.e March 10, 2004
still not loven police...still rocken our kakis with a cuff and a crease....and we still have love for the streets..Rockaway
no stress, no seeds, no stems,no sticks give me some of that sticky-icky-icky eww wee....put it in the air!!
if its not m-unit it an't shit
by eddie March 04, 2004
Deez Da Niggaz dat be fuckin' yo sister and mother leavin' in a dash, cruisin' around blazin' up the hash, you're party they'll crash, best stay out der way put a cap in yo ass, motherrfuckkeerrrr!
Dennis Rodman
by J'son Blaze March 15, 2004
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