Meaning, "a beastly character or object, often gross or obscene, female version of a hungus, which is the same thing, just male styles.".

Used mostly in New Zealand.

This definition for this term was created by Lucy N. Coz she's "cool like that."
Lucy : "OMFG what a Mungus. Look at her hair!"
Hayley : "Ew. I know. She goes out with that total Hungus."
by SynchronisedFucktards April 16, 2007
Top Definition
Mold PLUS fungus = Mungus. Instead of saying there's a lot of mold and fungus in the air or on something, there would be a lot of mungus on it.
There is a lot of mungus all over everything in the forest today because it's been a very wet and humid Fall. There's mold everywhere and fungus everywhere. There's even "mungus" in the air!
by C4_Ever_Eyes November 09, 2009
A quiet man who helps Jimmy Fallon on his late night show by carting various things on stage.
Fallon: What's your name?
Mungus: Mungus.
*awkward silence*
*audience laughter*
by Stiverton August 03, 2009

1. an abbreviation for humongous

2. something very large in size or amount

3. an insult of the highest degree

"Look at his giant, mungus afro! He looks like a walking microphone!"

"How dare you call me that! Atleast I'm not a mungus..."
by Prodigy1120 February 22, 2009
weird animal
-cat head
-bear body
-rabbit tail
- frog feet
- not smart

i saw a mungus in the woods!!!!
by Jordan Boucher December 04, 2007
Someone lacking brain and will power. Dopey and weird at the same time.
Hey Joe stop Being a Mungus. Son Stop acting like a mungus.
by Ken Stricklin May 23, 2007
mustard + fungus = mungus
ex1: OMG! look at the cat with mustard and fungus on him.... he has mungus all over him... how disgusting!... *puke*... ewwww now its mungus with puke... that poor dead cat in the middle of the highway with fungus mustard (mungus) and puke.

ex2: omg! dont eat the mungus!... who would eat mushrooms with mustard!?
by Gerianne January 15, 2005
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