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A Canadian/America person that has no culture, no family, and doesn't have any fun. These people have no cultural background, so are forced to only know english (somtimes French). You can always tell a munchy cake if they have a Canadian flag on thier back pack or have around 50 people at their wedding.
If you don't know what Munchy Cake is, your proably a Munchy Cake
by Victor Laranja August 29, 2007
Canadian term for white trashy women. Usually seen wearing Ugg or similar types of boots with torn denim shorts. Term is used on the Eastern region, namely Ontario.
JayJay: Oh look Munchy Cake!

Lisa: What's a Munchy Cake?

JayJay: THAT right there in the ugg and ripped shorts.

Lisa: You mean white trash?

JayJay: yes exactly
by nutellaftw October 22, 2010
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