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A rather large, rather desirable joint or blunt of dat marijuana.

*Granted a blunt is typically brown, but in this specific definition let's just base the name off of size first, then color.
President Obama: "Well, what's that you got there, Joe? Looks like a bad PR move to me."

Vice President Biden: "Sir, it's a...well, I don't really remember what this is, but it kind of looks like a mummy's finger."

President Obama: "How about you just let me light it up? It's not the first time I've smoked one of these, and it sure won't be the last!"

Vice President Biden: "Hit that mummy finger, Barry!"
#mummy finger #weed #marijuana #barack obama #kush #dank #blunt #joint #high #fat
by Mr. Cornito August 16, 2011
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