MumboJumbo is a term used to describe the godliness of certain items, or the clutchness and pure awesomeness of them.
That player is so clutch I think he might be MumboJumbo
by OneBigNigga July 23, 2006
Top Definition
-A fake fact that might sound impressive

-A fact that sounds good but has no heft behind it
"You don't believe in this mumbo jumbo do you?"
- The Saint (1997)
by Girish July 21, 2003
1. Nonsense; Gibberish. Something that's unintellible, incomprehensible or makes no sense, often made so to confuse.

2. A lie propagated by superstition or deception.
Bloody explorers, ponce off to Mumbo Jumbo land, come home with a tropical disease, a suntan and a bag of brown lumpy things, and Bob's your uncle, everyone's got a picture of them in lavatory.

- Edmund Blackadder
Mixed up , bullshit.
Wasim Khan you are mumbo jumbo
by hunnybunch. August 04, 2010
A word that can be used in place of any word to describe any place or thing.
Wa's mumbojumbo!Katy has such a huge mumbojumbo on her mumbojumbo that is mumbojumboing me in the mumbojumbo. It's not mumbojumbo.

Translates to:

What's going on! Katy has such a huge cock on her nose that is poking me in the eye. It's not acceptable.

cocknose cockface cockhead
by Annabombanna July 27, 2006
A homosexual man who loves anal sexy and loves eating shit
Alfonso you're a mumbojumbo sometimes
by yellowchocolate August 11, 2006
slang term for black-people-speak
i can't understand the mumbo jumbo of that NBA all-star.
by Crasist September 29, 2009

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