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Typically a male with the rare ability to have multiple orgasms. The number varies but to be qualified should normally meet or exceed three within a reasonable period of time. The sexual experience is one that approaches a state of mystical ecstasy for both partners involved, but most often for the female as she encounters her own multiple orgasms. Should a woman ever encounter such a man, they typically never let them out of their sight.

Known side effects are most commonly constant spousal or partner surveillance, & long term relationships resulting in marriage. But for the promiscuous types; frequent dating, multiple affairs, high rates of divorce, man-whoring and/or high paid careers in the porn industry.
That guy is a multiple sneezer, his girlfriend wont let him out of her sight.

see also, multiply-orgasmic, multiple cummer, lucky bastard or extremely lucky girl.
by luckygirl28 January 18, 2009
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