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Using several forms of media at one time; like when you pause your DVR'd TV show to play your Xbox, and then you pause your XBox to watch a video on your computer on You Tube while you text message someone.
We were watching the baseball game and playing video games between innings, when we paused the ballgame to watch a video of an Anaconda eating a baby hippo on YouTube. We were totally multimedia tasking.
by Dan Sharfin June 22, 2008
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running multiple hdmi inputs to one display. Two or more videos playing at the same time similar to PIP only using different receivers to control what is displayed on the one display unit.
When I am Multi-Media-Tasking I will be watching a football game in one window of the display, playing PS3 in another window of the display, an internet page on another window of the display, and while those are all on mute, still be listening to my favorite music on the main sound system of the display.
by 22Advance August 15, 2011
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