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A Multigenerational Mixed Person is an individual who is genetically mixed from previous generations, but their parents are considered to be of the same race socially. They are not to be confused with "biracial people."

The concept of multigenerational mixing is related to the one drop rule. A MGM person may have had great grandparents or grandparents who were mixed, but identified as Black. Therefore if they reproduced with other Black people , their offspring became MGM's.

Sometimes the mixed ancestors of MGM's married other light skinned or mixed Blacks and therefore, their offspring carry traits from both their Non-African and African ancestors for generations, even though the mixing occurred generations prior. Cape Verdeans, some Louisiana Creoles, Basters and some ethnic Black-Americans are often MGM's.
Sylvia is African-American , both her parents are considered Black, but her Grandfather was French and her Great-Grandmother was Black and Cherokee, that would make Sylvia a Multigenerational Mixed Person (MGM).
by potstickers November 07, 2011
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