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Someone in Ireland from North Leinster /
Southern Ulster Border Counties.

The Area is sometimes called "The North East"
Persons from here have a very strong accent.
They never say hello, they say "Well"!

Alot of the Placenames in this area start with "Mullagh",
such as Mullagh, Co. Cavan, from where the term originates.
There are 6 Irish Accents (in Slang)

- Dubs (Persons from Dublin)
- Culchies (Persons from the West of Ireland / Connacht)
- Mulldoons (Persons from the South of Ireland / Munster)
- Boggers (Persons from Mid and South Leinster
- Mullaghs (Persons from North Leinster, & Border Counties)
- Nordies (Persons Northern Ireland / Ulster)
by Bernard Molloy June 23, 2006