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MullMuzzler was the name given to vocalist James LaBrie's musical side project, wherein he had far greater creative input over the album's direction, unlike in Dream Theater. The band consists of LaBrie, Matt Guillory, Mike Mangini and other guests. The band released two albums as MullMuzzler - "Keep It To Yourself" (1999), and "MullMuzzler 2" (2001).

For simplicity's sake, MullMuzzler dropped the (rather confusing) band name, with "Elements of Persuasion" in 2005, simply crediting the album as a James LaBrie solo project.
Does anyone actually know what a MullMuzzler is?
#james labrie #dream theater #progressive metal #dream theatre #elements of persuasion #mullmuzzler #winter rose
by Lal October 11, 2005
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