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Humourous Tamil & Malayalam double entendre commonly used to denote:
1. 'three quarters', the fraction 3/4.
2. a Muslim Penis, & so a Muslim man.

Based on the Nordic-Iranian Indian Muslim Penis & Pakistani Penis measuring well below the full-sized or 'muzhu' Negroid-Australoid Dravidian Penis, but above the half-sized or 'arai' Indo-Aryan Brahmin Penis.

The inferior size of the fair 'Thulukka-Lingam' as compared to the black 'Tamila-Lingam' has several disastrous consequences for Islam in South India. Given the laxity of the Islamic caste system, it leads to the never-ending exodus of our womenfolk to Dravida men through Interzat Marriages. Almost every 'Thulukkan' family reports at least one Muslimah who has abandoned the One True Faith to become a 'Thulukkachi Pondatti'. In fact, the most beautiful & voluptuous of our 'Thulukkachis' almost invariably flock to these 'Negroes of India', as dramatically exemplified by the examples of Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon & Jyothika Sadanah.

The result for us Indian Muslim men is the most ego-crushing Dravidian Penis Envy, which makes us intimidated 'Paki Boys' obsequiously submissive to these 'Dravidian Negroes'. It is hence the 'root cause' for the surprising crushing defeats suffered by our Pakistan Army at the hands of the Madras Regiment.

In turn, this drives some Indo-Muslim men to re-assert their masculinity by dominating Brahmin men & pursuing Brahmin women.
1) "Our Thulukkachi sisters complain that our Thulukka Lingam is too small & so they call us 'Mukkal' & 'Ali-Lingam'." - 'Thulukkans vs Thamils' Biryani Thulukkan, 12 Feb 2012.

2) "I found that the more intimate domains of Muslim diet, sexuality & hygiene, because they are blocked from public view, typically generated the most Tamil gossip. Some Tamils theorise that the Moors' vigour & fertility come from their consumption of beef, in Hindu eyes a polluting and highly 'heating' meat that energises the body and the libido. Indeed, according to Māppiḷḷai Ālim's influential 19th century Arabic-Tamil treatise on Islamic teachings, Muslims are encouraged to consume meat and flesh for this purpose (Ahmad Lebbai 1873/1963: 255-67). One inventive Tamil informat hypothesised that Moorish circumcision dulls male sensitivity, prolongs intercourse & allows more Moorish women to achieve orgasm, thereby promoting conception (McGilvray 1982b). I once also heard some Tamil youths jokingly refer to the Moors as 'three-quarters' (mukkāl), revealing their muddled fantasies of what was actually severed during male circumcision ... " - 'Arabs, Moors & Muslims: Sri Lankan Muslim ethnicity in regional perspective' Dennis B McGilvray. In: 'Tradition, pluralism & Identity: in Honour of T.N. Madan' eds. Veena Das, Dipankar Gupta & Patricia Uberoi. Contrib.ns to Indian Sociology, Occas.nal Studies 8. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Pub.ns, 1999, p 343.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012
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