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1. Liborio
2. A pebble (coming from the latin Paolus)
3. A piece of a mug, or the whole mug depening on the case. If it's very big it's a bowl, but that is not a problem because it might be a mugon, or Big Mugo, or Big Liborio, which actually a horse then, because a huge mule is double the size of a donkey, or pollino/cebollino in other cooler languages.
4. Another word for twat or mug.
5. By continutation, eMule is called eMugo which is the improved version of eDonkey as it is even more mugo.
6. Another word for Cannabis Sativa, weed, bomb, marijuana
7. "Un pedazo de taza" o "una taza entera" snsns como la leche.
Your such a Mugo !

Alberto Muguez: Oooh don't put my name Alberto ******** in theurbandictionary
He press Ctrl+W, because mugos don't know that Ctrl+Shift+T even exists.
Me (Press Ctrl+Shift+T) LOL, you are such a mugo.

Dude 1: Oh look at that fag !
Dude 2: No, that is not a fag, it's a liborio.
Dude 1: What is a Liborio?
Dude 2: A Mugo
Dude 1: aaah, ok

Guy: Do you have some mugo?
Cuckoo: snsnsnsns!! (note the liborial accent)
by Cucofix May 18, 2011
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