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A person is Mugatron when he/she consistently fools a the world at large into thinking they are awesome, in control, a great leader of Trons, and have a very large gun, when in fact the truth is somewhat different. He/she does infact live life carrying out outrageously strenuos activities in the hope of grabbing some ass, and is hollow inside, following only the pre-programmed basic instinct of lust.

Closely linked to the name of the Leader of the Decepticons, 'Megatron' although very different.

See also: Trons, Optimus Sub-Prime, Jizz, Optimus Secondary-Tertiary, {Chillaxatron}
1. "Hey Randaulph, take a look at that guy running after that ass. He's such a muggatron"

2. "Oh my god, I cant believe i bought all those drinks and got nothing in return. I'm such a Muggatron"
by Gaztopfunkatropolus January 09, 2009
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