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when there is a circle jerk, with all members of the circle jerk jizzing on the muffin, the last person to jizz has to eat the muffin!!!!!
So u and ur wierd friends are in your usual saturday circle jerk group, u all cum on the muffin... the last person to cum has to eat the muffin.. he is the muffin man
by Derekss May 02, 2006
see "muffinman"
see "muffinman"
by michael April 21, 2003
A term used for a hot-looking motherfucker.
Look! It's the muffin man! I really want his cock.
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
A guy who gives you an all around creepy feeling, as if he's perverted.
I left the party because that muffin man wouldn't stop trying to talk to me.
by Lucy8417 February 22, 2005
n. Muffin man.. the coolest guy on rs next to ace2cool..
"muffin man ownz joo"
by Ace December 12, 2004