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the act of placing ones own ass directly in anothers face, normally while the person recieving is asleep, but it is not necessary.
i hate him so much that the next time he falls aslepp im gonna give a him a huge muffin man!
by p.k. todd August 26, 2004
Someone who is unaware that a muffin wrapper has been placed on their shoulder. People who are standing by then point and laugh while shouting "MUFFIN MAN!" at the top of their voice.
Ha, Brad didnt even realise that he was the "Muffin Man"
by Philbur August 18, 2006
the man at costco that hands out the free muffin samples.
"do you know the muffin man?"
"the muffin man?"
"the muffin man..."
"yes i know the muffin man...who lives on drury lane?"
"shes...married to the muffin man."
"the muffin man?"
*note* watch shrek
by skank ass weasel October 25, 2003
Fat Bastard, that devours box after box of mini-muffins. See Sloth
Damn Finley, you just devoured your eleventh box in 5 minutes!!!
by Phate May 13, 2003
A true gangsta and pimp who lives on drurberrylane
COOL GUY: Yo gangsta wat up dog, how's you be's trippin'

Muffin Man: Man notin much sept I's just be's chillin wit my new hoe ya dig?
by Isaiah June 09, 2004
trip hop
yo i got my muffin man records
by michael April 20, 2003
When a man raps his penis around his balls so that it looks like a muffin
Do you know the muffin man? I'd like to take a bite out of his muffin
by Sean Weston January 08, 2003