When a bitch comes up in a club and slaps or takes your baked goods
Dang i was up in the sizzler last night and that muffin man took my crescent roll!
by Oglockk April 21, 2009
* Tom Knychalski, a resident of Marycrest 4th Floor at the University of Dayton, is nicknamed "The Muffin Man". He is mostly known for getting belligerently drunk and peeing and/or vomitting in his own clothes and bed.
"Here comes the Muffin Man himself with vomit on his shirt!"

"I got so muffed up that I won the Muffin Man award."

"I love the Muffin Man song."

"I'm gonna get fucked up and play COD 4" -- Muffin Man

"Get the fuck outta my room!" -- Muffin Man

"Angela has the biggest tits in the world" - Muffin Man

"Your mom's a muffin." - Muffin Man

"Dasani vodka tastes so good!" - Muffin Man

"I like big wieners" - Muffin Man

by Jack Koff September 09, 2008
A great tune by Frank Zappa, from the album Bongo Fury.

It features a WICKED guitar solo.
Muffin Man is prolly of of FZ's most awesome axe solos!
by MEGAMIGA November 28, 2006
A muffin often mistaken for a man. The Muffin Man cares less for cupcakes, beleiving that there is nought nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey Earth as that prince of foods, the muffin.
The muffin man is seated at the table in the laboratory of The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.
by Warrinder Lopez October 03, 2006
Fat kid with no friends.
"Muffin Man is fat"

"This I agree with"
by pie rat June 22, 2003
o hott sexyy man who every girl wishes she knew nd wishes that he would put his rolling pin into their cupcake=]
did the muffin man put his rolling pin into your mary had a little lamb when you guys skipped to my lou my darlin??
by duecepon April 24, 2008
A man whose aspirations are completely obsolete when compared to the Muffen-Man.

Muffin man currently resides in Muffen-Man's old house on Druery Lane, Muffen-Man gave it to muffin man in search of bigger and better things as he moved into what was formerly known as the Neverland Ranch.

Muffen-Man is best known on the gaming platform "Playstation 3" (PSNID: Muffen-Man) he is a master, among other games, of the game "Burnout Paradise" by the developer "Criterion Games."
Person 1: Do you know the muffin man?
Person 2: who cares, Muffen-Man is so much better at life than him. Hes a washout compared to that beacon of community spirit.
by Muffen-Man May 02, 2009

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