A pimp or a man Prostitute.
The Muffin Man told me I better have his money next time I see him.
by rambunctious1 December 08, 2010
lord of baked pastries, ruler of the realm of muffin, writer of the holy book of the muffin; see Brian Lee
Ahh, who could not love the products of the Muffin Man
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
An individual consuming large amounts of snack cakes, pies, muffins, and other Little Debbie paraphernalia, usually purchased from any BP or Shell station littering the entrance to a highway.
Man, that Mike Dickmann sure do love him some Little Debbie. He a straight up Muffin Man.
by Butter_Bean August 20, 2013
A man whose strange obsessions are tragically made apparent to wife shortly after marriage. Expression as in, "that muffin was delicious yesterday but today it's morphed into a load of fat".
"Girl, you thought he was man but he only was a muffin" F.Zappa (Muffin Man)
by a muffin man September 14, 2011
a man who is a man-whore in old terms. the muffin man has all the muffins, aka lady tits. "do you know the muffin man?" he is well known because he is the town whore, or the villiage bicycle.
do you know the muffin man ?
yeah i showd him my muffins!
by ThatOnePersonPostingOnUrbanD April 23, 2011
Male penis.
She loved the size of my muffinman.
by mistafopa April 19, 2009
eats muffin (a lot) and is clumsy when doing so. gets it stuck in teeth regularly and doesn't notice. some find it enticing; most find it rank.
1) "hey you've got some muffin stuck in your teeth!"
muffin man replies:
"what of it? my gf loves it - as do i!"

"ookaaay then"

2) "ew muffin man teeth - sick"

3) "mmm muffin man teeth - loves it"

4) "mmmm muffin teeth hot like a bitch... that's bitchin' like the teeth that i love. i don't use toothpaste i use muffin man as my deep clean regime..."

5) "hmmm muffin in my teeth... how do you like me now.. BITCH.. I'm the muffin man!"
by howardmoonsexyfoxwink December 23, 2008

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