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A fashion brand that is planning a takeover of the world, and have every wearing it.
-Yo dude, like wtf is a MuffinMilk?
-It's a new company bro! Check out their site.
-Oh okay cool.
#muffinmilk #muffin #milk #fashion #future
by MuffinMilk November 16, 2008
Muffin milk is the yummy liquid discharge when a woman is having an orgasm.
That Princess was juicy to start with, but I almost drown in hermuffin milk when she started cumming!
#cum #juices #pussy #discharge #vagina #eat
by ultradaddy October 10, 2013
When one partakes in anal intercourse and concludes by ejaculating far into the rectum of the receiver. The receiver then withholds the ejaculatory fluid until their next bowel movement, during which they release not only the aforementioned fluid but their defecation as well into a cup and proceed to consume it.
Guy 1: "Daaayum son I hear that bird's down wit sippin on dat muffin milk"

Guy 2: "Werd but bitch apparently never learnt how to share dat shit... *sadface*"
#cumtrifuge #charizard #muffinmilk #moroccan mudslide #rusty venture
by DiddyDong November 29, 2010
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