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Someone that is crazy and/or stupid. Mostly both. They're sometimes an idiot too..
(Kim Kardashian got a divorce after only 2 and a half months)

Kim is a muffin head.
by Diedrich Knickerbocker January 03, 2012
Someone whose cranial structure and current hairdo, reflect that of a muffin-like shape or appearance.
Jarrod is a muffinhead. Look at that stupid haircut.
by pr0ph3t April 10, 2005
slang used by ravers to indicate an attendant at a party who either does not want to be at the rave, gives such impression, or who simply does not belong at one
This party is really biting; nothing but muffinheads everywhere asking where the bathroom is
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
A term to describe the shape of a person's head who has a large afro.
Wow, that lurpy white boy has a big muffin head.
by the real P-funk February 24, 2008
An individual who has suffered misfortune of insignificant consequence. Used in a sarcastic manner to convey false sympathy.
"Oh no, I stepped in a puddle!"
"Awwwwww, muffinhead."
by Stephivia January 17, 2007
One who has batter like brains, who places them in the oven only to see them rise into a hairy mess.
Dude, you had jello for brains, but now you just have hair like a fuzzy muffin.
by DUDE ET April 16, 2005
a term for a child who is swollen about the crown of the head due to domestic violence and thrashings
elmo: aww hiya muffinhead! why have you been cryin'?
by muffinhead December 27, 2007