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An enclosed location on an FPS multiplayer map, where a sniper, or support gunner can hide and easily defend the position, the "muffin hut" is often the room/tower that was intentionally designed by the designers as a sniper/MG nest, and therefore tends to have a good view of strategic areas. The "muffin hut" refers to the ONE place on each map, that best fits the definition, however it is not uncommon for there to be a second "muffin hut-like" location, that is a convenient place to counter an enemy in the "muffin hut."

(the term could also be misconstrued as "dirty," and although that is not its usually its use, feel free to do so)
"Go to the muffin hut. We can plant mines in the only doorway, and we can mount our weapons facing the enemy spon point!"

"omg! Those guys in the muffin hut are camping our spawn point, and i tried getting in, but they've got mines"
by Uberwald93 September 09, 2009

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