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A person who meets someone they like and is instantly overbearing, obsessive, and smothering. Oftentimes Muffin Freezers will take your half-eaten muffin from your first date and store it in his/her freezer as a keepsake. They do not get the hint that they are creepy - ever.

Muffin Freezers will do any of the following things:

Freeze your muffin.
Call non-stop
Track you down on myspace, facebook, and twitter
Google your name
Want to become friends with your friends
Pay way more attention to you than any human being should ever pay to another human being.

Muffin Freezers are NOT to be trusted.
The first date went ok, but I have a sneaking suspicion the guy is a Muffin Freezer - he already sent me 5 text messages on my way home from the restaurant.
by Sudsy Jugs Nosenhousen June 02, 2009
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