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A button that distributes blueberry muffins. Originally from Team Four Star.
Krillin: "Goku, did you just read my mind?"
Goku: "Yuhuh"
Krillin: "But how did you..."
Goku: "Muffin Button"
by Drener June 17, 2011
A button that when pushed produces a muffin without any real purpose. The button to the left of the red one and right of the blue one.
Hey, Goku, where'd you get that muffin?


But, I, I didn't install a muffinbutton.

Then... where'd I get this muffin?
by elemenda October 15, 2011
A button where you press and a hologram makes a holographic muffin that's edible with some holographic butter. Usually found in space pods and ships. Usual time the holograms are allowed to make a muffin is from 6 am to 10 am.
Audrey: Hey can I press the muffin button?

Anwar: No, it's 12:35.

Audrey: But I'm so hungry...
by Deathsingr December 18, 2013
A candy or other object embedded at the top of a muffin.
The blue m&m muffin button was a nice touch.
by frugal-guy October 24, 2013
An affectionate nickname for the clitoris
All it takes it a little press of her muffin button and she'll come like a busted fire hydrant.
by evan99 July 26, 2006
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