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What angry people from New Jersey say when they get a parking ticket
by ChrisLeV October 14, 2010
51 76
Like calling someone a dirty vagina. Cabage pronounced in a jersey accent of saying 'garbage'
You little tramp, your muff cabage.
by double z October 13, 2010
172 81
Its a Jersey Thing
What does Muff Cabage mean?

Its a jersey thing
by maxwellsmack October 13, 2010
232 157
Muffcabage is an expression originating from new jersey. Used by house wives in jersey to insult one another, Muffcabage has many definitions. 1. A woman's vagina that is very big. 2 A retard or stupid person. 3 A woman who over tans herself. loves sex. digs guys who where Ed harvy and get their hair done in a slut like way.
1.Oh, She is such a muffcabage

2. Your nothing, your just Muffcabage
by AJERSEYTHING November 18, 2010
32 19
First shown in South Park, a word used by people from New Jersey, or 'Jersey' to call someone a Cunt. See weaboo and snooki
No you're a Muff Cabage!
by JimmyRaeda October 13, 2010
27 50
It's a Jersey thing..
Are you talking about my family?!" "Your f***ing muff cabage!
by GuidoGuy October 13, 2010
29 54