A slightly acidic solution applied to ones vagina to bring pH back to alkaline, control dank smells
Fuck Julia, you need muff buffer! I burnt my tongue doing one lap of your courtyard there's no way im gonna stick my dick in that.
by simomaen February 07, 2011
Top Definition
A Muff Buffer is a man’s beard that is more than a 1/4 inches in length. Long enough so that when performing the art of cunilingus the beard tickles the girls Twat and also creates a street sweeper effect cleaning any lint or "Muff Biscuits" that might be there.
"It was her time of the month and I cought a Blood Biscuit in my Muff Buffer"
"She had a Yeast Infection, I have been pullin Bread Pellets out of my Muff Buffer"
by Vanilla Gorilla 187 January 23, 2006
A lesbian. Muff being slang for vagina in some parts of the English speaking world.
Sadly for some Muff Buffers, all men are the enemy.
by Muff Lover October 30, 2008

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