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A group of bad-ass folks testing their fate on the Tough Mudder, 2011!
Yesterday when I was at the climbing gym I saw this smokin' Muddy Beaver climbing a V9, hope I run into her at Tough Mudder.
by mudder17 July 12, 2011
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To go down on a girl while she's taking a shit.
We went to that Ethiopian restaurant and I spent all night on the shitter. Good thing Chad was kind enough to give me a muddy beaver.
by Capybara Madness February 07, 2010
when one performs felacio on a chic while she is taking a dump.
Dude! Dave gave Annette a muddy beaver in the bathroom. he said it smelled like bigfoots penis!
by Durhamsandwich August 24, 2008
Leaving a cleveland steamer between ones tits and placing the cock in there and thrusting, basically fucking her cans which has the steamer in the middle
Bill gave Sally a muddy beaver
by Your Mom's Box July 19, 2003

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